Episode 08

I’ve been sitting on this mix for a while now aside for adding one track.
It’s amazing how life can get in your way of doing things sometimes and what a massive waste of time being sick is.
So if you are feeling down, feeling sick, feeling uninspired just know that you are not alone and that things will change and hopefully for the better.
The only thing that’s permanent is impermanence.

Claire Rousay - It Is Just So Much More Difficult (Falt)

The London Sound Survey - Thames (Persistence of Sound)

Robert Worby - Factitious Airs (Persistence of Sound)

S. Mercure - 19.01.19 (Archive Officielle)

Yolabmi - Dear (Madriguera)

Y_y - Anáhuac (Astral Spirtis / Astral Editions)

Jeff Hassay - Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds (excerpt) (Small World)