Episode 08

I’ve been sitting on this mix for a while now aside for adding one track.
It’s amazing how life can get in your way of doing things sometimes and what a massive waste of time being sick is.
So if you are feeling down, feeling sick, feeling uninspired just know that you are not alone and that things will change and hopefully for the better.
The only thing that’s permanent is impermanence.

Claire Rousay - It Is Just So Much More Difficult (Falt)

The London Sound Survey - Thames (Persistence of Sound)

Robert Worby - Factitious Airs (Persistence of Sound)

S. Mercure - 19.01.19 (Archive Officielle)

Yolabmi - Dear (Madriguera)

Y_y - Anáhuac (Astral Spirtis / Astral Editions)

Jeff Hassay - Beach Boys House: Dirt Sounds (excerpt) (Small World)

Episode 07 / Sound Propositions

I recently hopped on Skype and spoke with Joseph Sannicandro, one of the curators of A Closer Listen and the man behind the podcast Sound Propostions.

You can read Joseph’s writeup HERE and if you enjoy his podcast, consider supporting him on Patreon for as little as $1 per month.

Monte Burrows – “Side B” [Excerpt] (The Concentration of Brown Owls, Dinzu, 2016)

SP Intro (the new objective – “vita activa” [2018] plus film samples)

Giovanni Lami & Glauco Salvo – “B2” (Ife, Dinzu, 2019)

Fabio Perletta – “#16” (Hesitant, Dinzu, 2019)

Fabio Perletta – “#4” (Hesitant, Dinzu, 2019)

Fabio Perletta –  “7456. Live at Human Resources, Los Angeles” [excerpt] (7456. Live at Human Resources, Los Angeles, Dragon’s Eye, 2018)

Sebastiano Carghini – “Part I” [excerpt] (Habituated by Reason, Dinzu, 2018)

Billy Gomberg – “A1” [excerpt] (Transition, Dinzu, 2017)

Junior Pande – “Side B” [excerpt]  (Tape One, Spring Break Tapes!, 2011)

Bus Gas – “Denim Jacket Back Patch Blues” (Immortal Yeller, Spring Break Tapes!, 2018)

NUM – “Part I” (Memory Machines, Dinzu, 2018)

Amulets – “Cutting Room Floored” (Mountains Past, Spring Break Tapes!, 2018)

Abby Lee Tee – “Repository I” [excerpt] (Repository, Dinzu, 2017)

Gibraltar – “Side B” [excerpt]  (Jejunum, Archive Officielle, 2018)

Monte and Hep! – “Side B” [excerpts] “ (Samphappalapa | czaszka (rec.), 2017)

Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig – “2’55”” (No Image In Particular, Dinzu, 2018)

Monte Burrows – “Side A” [excerpt] (Sawtooth, Castle Bravo, 2017)

Papillon – “Aqueducts II” [excerpt] (Aqueducts, Dinzu, 2017)

De Ponti / Moretti – “Low Tide” (Before We Were Foam We Were Unbridled Waves, Dinzu, 2018)

Anne-F Jacques – “Side B”  [excerpt] (Welcome, Electricians, Dinzu, 2016)

Matthias Urban –  “Part II” (SiAl, Dinzu, 2018)

Jeremy Bible – “Arp 220” (Music for Black Holes, Aole, 2016)

Dominique Vaccaro – “Close Distances 34” (Close Distances, Dinzu, 2018)

Deep Magic – “Side One” [excerpt] Illuminated Offerings, Auris Apothecary, 2010)

Amulets – “Planned Obsolescence” (Planned Obsolescence, Dinzu, 2017)

Giovanni Lami – “Secondo Solco” (Opale, Dinzu, 2017)

Sergey Kostyrko & Jason Kahn – “Stop” (Synchronized, Dinzu, 2019)

Monte Burrows – “Side B” [excerpt] (Fantasy Living, Spring Break Tapes!, 2014)

Episode 06

It’s finally spring.
Many of my cacti and other plants are blooming.
I have not spent a ton of time at the computer.
But I had the urge to make a new mix.
Put your headphones on and go pull some weeds.

Terry Riley - Concerto for Two Pianos and Five Tape Recorders from Music for the Gift

Andrew Pekler - Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In The Canopy from Tristes Tropiques (Faitiche)

Will Guthrie - Side A (excerpt) from Some Nasty (Hasana Editions)

Jim Haynes - At Nerve Ends from Inconclusive (Audio Visuals Atmosphere)

Primorje - Reference Path II from Reference Path (Thalamos)

Architeuthis Rex - Red Sun from Foam (My Dance The Skull)

Episode 05 / Guest Mix — Billy Gomberg

I can always count on Billy Gomberg to introduce me to something new and amazing to listen to and this mix doesn’t fall short in any way.
I enjoy his own work so much that I’ve released two cassettes with him on Dinzu and I always make sure to grab his other releases  whether it’s his solo stuff or his collaborations with Anne Guthrie as Fraufraulein.

If you’re not familiar with Billy, below is his artist statement.
Read that, listen to the mix and hop online and support his work.
His Slight At That Contact LP on Students of Decay is a personal favorite.

“My interest is in creating a space, real or imagined, poetic or remembered, where a relationship can develop, where we can share some of each other’s inner language and experience.  Musical material from analog & digital synthesis and processing, in addition to various fidelities of field recordings, lay ground and illuminate our duration there. Broadly, I am making ambient music, formed from familiar sources but under the influence of less bucolic moods than the genre implies.  I am of the city as much as I am of nature, my practice brings me comfort through its exploration of emotion and experience, not a balm but a means to articulate a poetry of our inner lives made available in this exchange of performing and listening.”

Domestic recording of speaker & battery test

Marcin Barski "conversation with father" Wandas Dream (Reading Group)

Kevin Corcoran "translucent and moving" states of instability

Gonçalo F Cardoso "Ghost Crabs on Uhuru Beach (low tide)" Impressões de uma Ilha (Unguja) (Edicoes CN)

Derek Baron "Recollects" Recollects (Reading Group)

Apinya Unphanlam "Destiny" Metaphors: Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of Apichatpong

Weerasethakul (Sub Rosa)

Taku Sugimoto "II (2016), from Songs" Short Pieces

Theodore Cale Schafer "Crowd" (unreleased)Cremation Lily "Feminine Listening" In England Now, Underwater (Alter)

Victorine Meurent "Untitled 9" Even Less of the Harmony of Maine (Found Remains)

Andrew Pekler "Khao Sok Extension"

mdo "with ulla straus" mdo & friends (c-minus)

exael "spilt" collex (west mineral ltd)

Lee Noble "Phase Melody for Tape Loops" Ashenden (Muzan Editions)

Etelin "Been Really Good Today" Hui Terra (Soda Gong)

Domestic recording of line work in a storm

Anne Guthrie "Hackle 2 excerpt" (unreleased)

Episode 04 / Guest Mix — S. Mercure

Archive Officielle is one of my favorite labels and I’m pleased to bring you a great mix from it’s founder S. Mercure. If you’re not familiar with AO take minute to check it out. Every release is excellent and the package design is a cut above. And right now you can get the entire AO discography on Bandcamp for 40% off.

S. Mercure is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in the field of sound and installation. Although his initial releases under the pseudonym Persona Mercure show a rather classical musicality, his recent work is developed using a conceptual approach and controlled by rigid constraints. Published on various international labels, he is also the founder and curator of Archive Officielle, a multidisciplinary platform and physical archive who’s mission is to publish, document and archive conceptual work from international artists.




15:44 NICOLAS BERNIER - S9756 - (Entr'acte)


23:16 CHARLES BARABÉ - LA RÉVISION 2 - (Archive Officielle Publications)


39:59 D.HANSEN - SIDE A - (Where to Now)


Episode 03

As I was finishing this last night, I had the thought, “Nobody wants to listen to all this noisy shit man!?” but then I put my headphones and gave it once over and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I hope you do too.

New episodes are already queued up including some great guest mixes. If you like what you are hearing so far, consider sharing with a friend or on social media.

Thomas Ankersmit - Homage to Dick Raaijmakers (Shelter Press)

Monte Ossa - Malachite (Sounds Against Humanity)

Pierce Warnecke & Louis Laurain - Phonotypic Plasticity (Astral Spirits)

Giovanni Lami - HYS (Archive Officeille)

Matthias Urban - Half-Silvered Mirror

Richard Huelsenbeck & Tristan Tzara - Futurism and Dada Reviewed (1912-1959)


Episode 02 / Guest Mix — Karl Fousek

Excellent guest mix for you by musician and composer, Karl Fousek.
You may recognize his name from his collaboration with Roger Tellier-Craig and Devin Hansen, No Image In Particular, released on Dinzu Artefacts.
His latest release is another collaboration up for pre-order now on Astral Spirits.

Karl’s work explores the sonorities of electronic sound synthesis algorithms, analog and digital, in a variety of contexts: from improvised music, to generative composition, to drone and minimalism. As a performer he is committed to the pursuit of a truly “live” electronic music, participating in both concerts for solo synthesizer and in group improvisations alongside electronic and acoustic instrumentation.


Episode 01

At some point in 2017 I got the grand idea that I had the time, energy and ability to host a podcast.
The plan was to play music and talk to people in the experimental music world.
The goal was to introduce people to new sounds beyond the Dinzu discography.
It didn't take long before I realized that I did not in fact have what it took to host such a podcast.

Recording myself talking was not fun.
Being a great interviewer is not as easy as it sounds.

Creating the episode’s playlist was the one thing that I enjoyed.
And these “mixes” achieved the original goal.

So I’ve decided to give it another shot.
But this time with no talking, no interviews, no advertisements.

This is the first (but not first) episode to the new (but not new) podcast with the same (and not at all new) name.

Enjoy The Size of Various Objects.

Tom White - Run Amok (Glistening Examples)

Meitei - Kwaidan (Evening Chants)

Luciano Maggiore - 9 Enclosures (Senufo Editions)

Giovanni Lami & Glauco Salvo - Ife (Dinzu Artefacts)

Institute of Landscape Architecture - Melting Landscapes (Institute of Landscape Architecture)

Philip Sulidae - Glass (Verz)

Mark Vernon - Magneto Mori: Kilfinane (Canti Magentici)

Leo Okagawa - Buzz on the Moon (Hemisphäreの空虚)

Neurath Grau - Untitled (Falt)