Episode 02 / Guest Mix — Karl Fousek

Excellent guest mix for you by musician and composer, Karl Fousek.
You may recognize his name from his collaboration with Roger Tellier-Craig and Devin Hansen, No Image In Particular, released on Dinzu Artefacts.
His latest release is another collaboration up for pre-order now on Astral Spirits.

Karl’s work explores the sonorities of electronic sound synthesis algorithms, analog and digital, in a variety of contexts: from improvised music, to generative composition, to drone and minimalism. As a performer he is committed to the pursuit of a truly “live” electronic music, participating in both concerts for solo synthesizer and in group improvisations alongside electronic and acoustic instrumentation.


Episode 01

At some point in 2017 I got the grand idea that I had the time, energy and ability to host a podcast.
The plan was to play music and talk to people in the experimental music world.
The goal was to introduce people to new sounds beyond the Dinzu discography.
It didn't take long before I realized that I did not in fact have what it took to host such a podcast.

Recording myself talking was not fun.
Being a great interviewer is not as easy as it sounds.

Creating the episode’s playlist was the one thing that I enjoyed.
And these “mixes” achieved the original goal.

So I’ve decided to give it another shot.
But this time with no talking, no interviews, no advertisements.

This is the first (but not first) episode to the new (but not new) podcast with the same (and not at all new) name.

Enjoy The Size of Various Objects.

Tom White - Run Amok (Glistening Examples)

Meitei - Kwaidan (Evening Chants)

Luciano Maggiore - 9 Enclosures (Senufo Editions)

Giovanni Lami & Glauco Salvo - Ife (Dinzu Artefacts)

Institute of Landscape Architecture - Melting Landscapes (Institute of Landscape Architecture)

Philip Sulidae - Glass (Verz)

Mark Vernon - Magneto Mori: Kilfinane (Canti Magentici)

Leo Okagawa - Buzz on the Moon (Hemisphäreの空虚)

Neurath Grau - Untitled (Falt)